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I remember when I loved blogging.  When everyday occurrences, annoyances, humorous happenings were all fodder… I loved to tell my story and, if someone else loved it too, all the better.

What the hell happened?

I’ve tried to recommit.  I’ve started a new blog… I’ve thought and even attempted new projects like 365 Days of Grace... I’ve thought about NaBloPoMo… and I’ve gone um, exactly nowhere.

Perhaps I’ve given it all too much thought.  Worried about the number of readers, comments, incentives… and through that worry, that concern, I lost what drew me to this forum in the first place:  the rare chance to connect.

There was also a time, a glorious time, when few of my IRL people new about my blog and I felt more free to be honest and vent… to sometimes snark… and then, as the roster of carpool and coffee and cocktail chums grew, the more I began to feel caged… after all, the me of my blog wasn’t always the me of my daily life.  My blog me was a sometimes more and a sometimes less honest portrayal of myself.

And of course, the children.  Eva may only be six, but the boys grew up.  They’re young men now and they don’t want to see their private (except for their own personal Facebook status) anything on the Internet… oh, and the drivel it is.  You don’t know blog fodder until you spend a morning culling through your children’s various texts and IMs… priceless.

I’ve realized something about myself through these years of (oft sporadic) blogging:  I am not very good at real life conversation and I live too much in my head.  In real life I am awkward and self conscious.  I think I am being clever or witty and what I am actually being is weird.  I ramble and I never seem to actually get my point across quite as well as I do here in this happy corner of the Internet.

And that is what I need to remember.

Blogging isn’t about, or shouldn’t be about, review offers or Alexa standings or awards.  It should be another medium to be heard.

Which means, despite the many and fitful starts and stops, I am finally back… weird rambling and all.

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How to FREAK OUT in 5 Easy Steps & Recover in 2


1.  Log into Facebook

2. See sister in law has uploaded photos from weekend

3. See you look like a she beast… for real.  She Fuckin’ Beast

4.  Call sister in law half crying and beg for deletion.

5. Log into sister in law’s account and remove post… (feel like total asshole but not enough to not do it)


1. Sit for a minute and realize that you have indeed, put back on every last pound you have ever lost and then some… admit the last time you weighed this much you were pregnant… print photo out for incentive.

2. Text sister in law with million dollar weight loss idea:  SHAME, the Diet.

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Highway to Hell

Hugh and I attended a funeral this morning.  Now, funerals are, by their very definition, sad.  They are even more sad when, like today, they are for a 56 year old man who, by rights, should have had at least another 25 years of life ahead of him.

While we knew that our friend, let us call him “Bob” for the sake of this blog, had, and I quote, found Jesus and been saved, we didn’t fully appreciate just how deep his devotion ran until this morning as we sat in one of those business park churches which dot much of inland Orange County.

It was a touching memorial… his brother spoke eloquently about their childhood and Bob’s younger and crazier days… his longtime pals told stories of a carefree youth… his daughter brought a tear to everyone’s eye as she thanked her father’s wife for the love of Christ she had instilled in him…

A DVD played with photos ranging from his birth to just a few weeks ago… quickly carrying us across the years… a darling toddler with Santa, a teen dressed for prom… a proud new father…

And then the needle scratched across the record as some Jr. Pastor sort stood up and did a combo sales pitch of fear at the assembled as he reminded us that if we hoped to see Bob again, if we hoped for eternal life, we better, right now, in our seats, tell Jesus Christ that He is our Lord and Savior that we are mere sinners who DESERVE to go to Hell.

I kid you not.

He went on and on and on… Bob’s dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Nothing we can do for him now but not to worry as he is in Heaven because he ACCEPTED Jesus.  Now, the rest of you, well, you are going to Hell and if you die, there is nothing anyone can do to help you because you DID NOT ACCEPT Jesus.  Don’t think you can live a good life of generosity and compassion… if you have even one impure thought you are a SINNER and you are GOING TO HELL.

Sorry Jewish friends.  Too bad for you Buddhists.  So long Muslims pals… enjoy Hell.

I believe there are many paths to God.  I believe that there is a right and a wrong way to behave and the tenets of good behavior do not vary from religion to religion.  Every faith brings with it it’s crazy dogma of old, it’s zealots, it’s blindly devout… but the essence of Faith, that there is a Power greater than ourselves, that we are not alone, and that we are ultimately accountable to a moral code of humanity… well, that is the same.

I leaned over and said to Hugh, “I don’t like this man…” and then brazenly checked my texts in a childish act of Going to Hell defiance.  Turns out a friend a few rows away was trying to drum out the fire and brimstone by singing Rolling Stones tunes in her head… good to know I wasn’t alone…

And I guess I can count on at least one friend in the firey hereafter.

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Color Me Broke Color Me Mine

EvaJun had a little friend come home with her from school this afternoon and because shrieking 6 year olds enjoy things like tearing apart the house I decided we would head out for an activity.

Let’s go paint our own pottery! I suggested brightly… I thought of the plates or mugs or photo frames they could decorate… something we can use around the house… maybe even a tooth fairy box?

Both girls picked dolphin statues… you know, this style:

Only uglier.

I picked up the ceramic horror, turned it over and saw the following:  #25 Kids: $7

As it was located in the section clearly marked, “KIDS”, I took this to read: inventory number 25, price, $7.

The girls picked out their paints, got their brushes and sponges assembled and enjoyed a half and hour or so of painting and laughing and it was quite cute and blah blah blah… they finished and I took the masterpieces up to the counter and imagine my fucking surprise when the kid said, That will be $61.00


Turns out that each statue was twenty five bucks and it was an additional seven dollars for the privilege of painting.

What. A.  Racket.

I believe those statues retail for .35 at the Mexico border.  Sometimes they will throw them in for free with the purchase of a pack of Chiclet gum or a pinata.

I’m sure I should be all about how sweet it was and that those fun moments don’t come with a price, but truthfully all I can think of is the other things I could have bought with that money…

like 2 bottles of this…


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Bonjour! I’m Going to Paris…

…in 4 months, not like, next week or anything… still plenty of time to mentally pack and repack the luggage and it will probably take me the entire 16 weeks to find the right shoes to take for both comfort and style so as not to be laughed at by superior taste Parisian types (everyone in France).

I haven’t been to France since I was… um, 19?  19!  So, 10 years ago… haha, no of course, it’s been over 20 years and the last time I was there I was backpacking all over the place on about a $4 a day budget and having the time of my damn young life.  I was on Le Grand Tour.  Or, is it La Tour Grand?  Never mind.  I don’t plan on speaking French while I am over there although my friend, who graciously invited me to join her on this most festive vacances, does parlez as does her father who will be over there at a L’ecole de la Langue but I know my limits and I have no desire to piss off the natives by butchering their most beautiful and sophisticated language.  I may acquire a British accent just so I sound more refined, but that is as far as I’m going… I am all about the relaxed and not le travail.

This trip will be most interessant because although I have been to Paris several times with my family and of course, the aforementioned backpacking adventure, I haven’t been as an adult and I look forward to spending time getting to know the City of Lights as a grown up… to nosing about old shops and cafes and sitting around eavesdropping on conversations I cannot understand… maybe find a treasure or two to bring home…

This will also be the first trip I have taken away from my family.  I’ve done “girls weekends” in Palm Springs and New York and I have traveled with the children without Hugh, but this is a week away from both my husband and my children… and yes, it makes me a teeny bit weepy… but mostly it makes me nervous… a week without my defining parts? A week where, although a wife and mother in name and via Skype, most certainly not in action… weird!

Have you taken Le Grand Tour (I’ve decided that sounds better) sans les enfants et sans le mari?  Advice?

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Countdown to 2010

It’s been a year has it not?  Well, quite frankly, it’s been a year that has set me on notice what with the new teenager in the house and the economy lauging at my attempt to have investments and my addiction to the DVR… it’s just all over the place and as I watch and read the endless “Top Whatever” lists of ’09, I am moved to bring my own hoarse voice to the fold.

So, without further ado or run on sentances, I give you my top 10 of 2009.

Top New TV ShowGlee… my entire family loves it and that alone makes it worthy.

Top Reality TVProject Runway, what a sad sad letdown you were this year… I’m going to have to go with The Real Housewives of New Jersey“Prostitution Whore” would fall under favorite new insult.

Top Movie – I only saw about 5 and it’s a tie between The 500 Days of Summer and The Hangover.  I know, I make no sense.

Top Scandal – Tiger Woods.  You expect to read tabloid fodder about Charlie Sheen choking his wife of Christmas Day, you don’t expect the Golfer of the World to have a mistress list in the double digits.

Top Fashion Trend – I am still working on bringing back the poncho… maybe by the end of ’10, the rest of the world will be on board.

Top Schmuck – While Jon Gosselin gave Bernie Madoff a serious run for his money with all those Ed Hardy tees and tiger jeans, Madoff’s sociopathic criminal behavior really makes this a no contest situation.
Top Blog – this was the year of Stephanie Nielson and, by proxy in some ways, her sister, Cjane. If you’re not reading, you should be.

Top Blog for Trashy Fun... well, hell, a lot of you are reading Mamarazzi, so surely you agree with me!

How about you?  What were your favorites this year?

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I like WordPress because I enjoy a themed blog skin…

It’s time to retire It’s All Fun & Games (the blog formerly known as Eva Las Vegas) because, like everything else in the world… time is marching on and if you aren’t paying attention it will march right across your face, or, in this case, your blog and it will be old and wrinkly and sad and all the archives will remind you of those miles you did and did not run and MY LORD a shot or 12 of Botox is what a blogger needs… in the form of new.

New is shiny and new is a new everything… except for my clear lack of respect for grammar remains the same.

So, here I am.  I hope you join me.

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