I like Wordpress because I enjoy a themed blog skin…

It’s time to retire It’s All Fun & Games (the blog formerly known as Eva Las Vegas) because, like everything else in the world… time is marching on and if you aren’t paying attention it will march right across your face, or, in this case, your blog and it will be old and wrinkly and sad and all the archives will remind you of those miles you did and did not run and MY LORD a shot or 12 of Botox is what a blogger needs… in the form of new.

New is shiny and new is a new everything… except for my clear lack of respect for grammar remains the same.

So, here I am.  I hope you join me.


December 16, 2009. blogging.


  1. Jennifer replied:

    Hello there. It’s nice to see you online.

    I was kind of expecting this to be a rat-themed post.

  2. Kristie replied:

    Glad you’re back… grammar errors and all… if I find any….

  3. Kristie replied:

    So what’s the difference between wordpress and blogspot? Is wordpress the more sophisticated choice?

  4. kkfast replied:

    Kristie – so far, the only difference seems to be that I can’t figure out how to turn off the need to “approve” comments! There was no real reason to switch from Blogger… I haven’t had any problems with it, but it feels quite “fresh” to use a whole new platform.

  5. Shelley replied:

    Boo! I’m here too. And I’m not far behind ya. Feeling the need to make changes, big time. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on WordPress after you’ve worked with it a while and figured out the comment thing.

  6. Daniella replied:

    I’m here…. glad to see you blogging again. Me… I suck at blogging. Ended the adoption and haven’t really blogged since – made it private with the hopes of starting up a new blog soon. Look forward to following you here/

    • kkfast replied:

      Daniella – I noticed you went private… I don’t blame you, you’ve been through a lot. Hope you are doing okay…xxo.

  7. Becky @TheRealBecks replied:

    I’ve followed you 🙂 HI!

  8. Nicki Presby replied:

    so glad you are writing/blogging again. i have missed my daily laughs. keep it up. i am sure the holidays will provide you with good entries!

  9. Jason replied:

    Well, there you are! I was wondering what had ever become of Eva’s Las Vegas Blog…..and now you found me again!

    Hoping you’ll keep writing!


  10. Carrie replied:

    I love this! Love the title…love ya!

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