Countdown to 2010

It’s been a year has it not?  Well, quite frankly, it’s been a year that has set me on notice what with the new teenager in the house and the economy lauging at my attempt to have investments and my addiction to the DVR… it’s just all over the place and as I watch and read the endless “Top Whatever” lists of ’09, I am moved to bring my own hoarse voice to the fold.

So, without further ado or run on sentances, I give you my top 10 of 2009.

Top New TV ShowGlee… my entire family loves it and that alone makes it worthy.

Top Reality TVProject Runway, what a sad sad letdown you were this year… I’m going to have to go with The Real Housewives of New Jersey“Prostitution Whore” would fall under favorite new insult.

Top Movie – I only saw about 5 and it’s a tie between The 500 Days of Summer and The Hangover.  I know, I make no sense.

Top Scandal – Tiger Woods.  You expect to read tabloid fodder about Charlie Sheen choking his wife of Christmas Day, you don’t expect the Golfer of the World to have a mistress list in the double digits.

Top Fashion Trend – I am still working on bringing back the poncho… maybe by the end of ’10, the rest of the world will be on board.

Top Schmuck – While Jon Gosselin gave Bernie Madoff a serious run for his money with all those Ed Hardy tees and tiger jeans, Madoff’s sociopathic criminal behavior really makes this a no contest situation.
Top Blog – this was the year of Stephanie Nielson and, by proxy in some ways, her sister, Cjane. If you’re not reading, you should be.

Top Blog for Trashy Fun... well, hell, a lot of you are reading Mamarazzi, so surely you agree with me!

How about you?  What were your favorites this year?


December 28, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    I became addicted to “Lost” in 2009. Yes, I know I’m late to the game.

    I also started listening to Muse. This time, not as late to the game.

    My best new activity of 2009 was biking, which I started again after a 30 year hiatus.

  2. Sandi replied:

    TV – True Blood

    Reality TV – Top Chef

    Movie – Avatar

    Scandal – Tiger Woods

    Fashion Trend – Booties!

    Schmuck – real person: Sarah Palin. Celebrity: Tiger Woods

    Blog – The Pioneer Woman

    Trashy Blog – Mamarazzi ‘-)

  3. Stephanie replied:

    I didn’t know you follow NieNie? She is truly an inspiration to us all!!

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