Color Me Broke Color Me Mine

EvaJun had a little friend come home with her from school this afternoon and because shrieking 6 year olds enjoy things like tearing apart the house I decided we would head out for an activity.

Let’s go paint our own pottery! I suggested brightly… I thought of the plates or mugs or photo frames they could decorate… something we can use around the house… maybe even a tooth fairy box?

Both girls picked dolphin statues… you know, this style:

Only uglier.

I picked up the ceramic horror, turned it over and saw the following:  #25 Kids: $7

As it was located in the section clearly marked, “KIDS”, I took this to read: inventory number 25, price, $7.

The girls picked out their paints, got their brushes and sponges assembled and enjoyed a half and hour or so of painting and laughing and it was quite cute and blah blah blah… they finished and I took the masterpieces up to the counter and imagine my fucking surprise when the kid said, That will be $61.00


Turns out that each statue was twenty five bucks and it was an additional seven dollars for the privilege of painting.

What. A.  Racket.

I believe those statues retail for .35 at the Mexico border.  Sometimes they will throw them in for free with the purchase of a pack of Chiclet gum or a pinata.

I’m sure I should be all about how sweet it was and that those fun moments don’t come with a price, but truthfully all I can think of is the other things I could have bought with that money…

like 2 bottles of this…



January 7, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Daniella replied:

    f the sweet moments… that’s a whole lot of money for painted dolphins that surely cost 25 cents. Sorry I’m in an ultra cheap mood tonight – Did I tell ya how happy I am that your blogging again 🙂

    • kkfast replied:

      Thank you!, Daniella, I’m sort of happy again as well… let’s see if I stick to it this time!

  2. Shell replied:

    You forgot my favorite part …”I don’t set the prices, Ma’am.” That, I thought, would merit a good slap across the face for the smug little pottery boy.

    • kkfast replied:

      Shell, that “Ma’am” was a low blow! Punk kid.

  3. Jen replied:

    What a rip-off. Especially since you didn’t get anything useful out of it.

  4. denise replied:

    I hate that place! Color Me Badd. 🙂

    • kkfast replied:

      Denise, now I am going to have, “I’m Wanna Sex U Up” stuck in my head all day!

  5. Jen replied:

    You should at least post a picture of it…wow..that’s a couple of expensive dolphins

    • kkfast replied:

      I will upload a photo of the masterpiece in all it’s glory next Wednesday when I pick it up…

  6. collene replied:

    Laugh out loud funny — and sad! We went to a birthday party there a week ago and I said very politely to the mother who hosted 15 girls, “Gawd’, you must be rich!”

    Uhm. As a result, don’t think GIanna will have many play dates with the the birthday girl!

  7. Perrin replied:

    Oh gosh, the same thing happened to me last year when I decided to take my daughter and her friend, of course they picked the same goofy dolphins, it was expensive but I don’t remember $61.00 worth! Ouch. And, yes it is STILL in her room collecting dust.

  8. audrey van Petegem replied:

    no wonder when I offered to pay for my daughter’s dolphins you looked at me funny. You will be happy to know that I moved the dolphins into the living room on the ‘special’ shelf that everyone knows they do not touch anything on there! I guess I owe you a bottle of bubbly eh!

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