How to FREAK OUT in 5 Easy Steps & Recover in 2


1.  Log into Facebook

2. See sister in law has uploaded photos from weekend

3. See you look like a she beast… for real.  She Fuckin’ Beast

4.  Call sister in law half crying and beg for deletion.

5. Log into sister in law’s account and remove post… (feel like total asshole but not enough to not do it)


1. Sit for a minute and realize that you have indeed, put back on every last pound you have ever lost and then some… admit the last time you weighed this much you were pregnant… print photo out for incentive.

2. Text sister in law with million dollar weight loss idea:  SHAME, the Diet.


January 19, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Jen replied:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve removed my name from a photo on Facebook because I didn’t want anyone else to see it.

    • kkfast replied:

      Jen – I feel you as I’ve changed my settings to allow photos I am tagged in to appear only on my page… tragic.

  2. Lisa replied:

    It was my ob/gyn who informed me “it looks like the last time you were this weight was when you were pregnant” nice. I feel your pain

    • kkfast replied:

      I think weighing in at the doctor should be optional…

  3. Nicki replied:

    I wondered if you had seen the photos, not bc you look like a she-beast, but you always request to preview first. you look fab, as always. if shame- the diet works, i will allow horrid pics of me to be posted as well. you are beautiful.

    • kkfast replied:

      SHAME! The Diet is going to sweep the nation…

  4. Daniella replied:

    I’ve done my share of “untagging myself” so I can relate. However, I’m thinking you look fabulous anyway 🙂

    • kkfast replied:

      Fabulous only with a lot of creative control…

  5. Shell replied:

    They’re right. You’re gorgeoso! But I feel your pain. I actually avoid meeting up with certain people because they’re of the picture-snappin’ variety AND they’re FB friends.

    • kkfast replied:

      You have to watch out for those camera people… always wanting to capture the damn moment…

  6. Said Sister-in-Law replied:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! But as I review, I think you looked GREAT in MOST and just FINE in that one!

    • kkfast replied:

      I’m starting to scare myself… next time you come over notice that all the mirrors have been removed…

  7. Red Dirt Mummy replied:

    This totally cracked me up! I hate ALL photos of myself but am trying really hard to actually be in some photos, if for no other reason than so the kids know I was actually there when they look at the photos later. It seems to me that every extra wrinkle, fat roll and freckle just jump out at the camera when it’s pointed at me and the gap between my teeth that doesn’t seem so bad in the mirror is enormous and screams for attention when it’s viewed in a pic. Thank goodness for photoshop 😉

    • kkfast replied:

      Yes, absolutely! I’m usually the photographer so it’s a shock to the old system to see myself through the eyes of the unfriendly lens!

  8. Becky @TheRealBecks replied:

    omg the worst is when they TAG you and then it’s on YOUR page. omg.

  9. Annmarie replied:

    No matter what your weight that face is always beautiful!

  10. Carrie replied:

    I need to jump on that Shame – The Diet bandwagon, where do you find it?

    Oh FB…that’s right! I’ve soooo been there.

    • kkfast replied:

      FB – it’s like an obsession with people to find the WORST photos of others and tag them with reckless abandon…

  11. Issa replied:

    How did I just realize you had a new blog? Oops. 🙂

  12. gorillabuns replied:

    i’m thinking i need to join your shame diet as well. though it seems, shame still doesn’t make me put down the food and cocktails.

  13. Coco replied:

    I too am on the SHAME diet after some not-so-flattering pictures appeared after my best friend’s birthday. When you look 8 months pregnant playing beer pong it’s time to reevalute. And sadly, it was not not her 21st birthday but 30th. May be time to reevalute a couple of things…

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