Mom and apple pie and baseball… so homespun and glowing and full of maternal love for children everywhere.  Mothers wake you in the morning, send you out for the afternoon and spend their days cleaning house and awaiting your return… they are attractive and helpful and many of them scrapbook.

To which I say, “HA!”

The mothers I know lead lives worthy of high placed CIA operatives.

We’ll talk all about it.

As for me, well, I live in Southern California with my husband, our 3 children and 4 bad dogs.  Well, the labs are bad, the chihuahuas are not.

I am uselessly overeducated, have excellent friends, am lax in my exercise habits and have an allergic reacation to gluten… my favorite color is purple, my lucky number is 5 and if I could perfect a fake South American accent I would use it all the time.

Someday I’ll come up with 100 things, but for now, let’s leave it with this:  more wine.


One Comment

  1. Sonia Mele replied:

    Brilliant! I wish I could say that I was “uselessly overeducated”. I love reading your posts… you are quite witty and it’s a joy to read!

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